If you've made it this far you've probably realised that this site provides a mere carticature of Pete Evans.

Just to make it really clear, I'm NOT Pete Evans and I probably never will be.

If you're a paleo supporter I'm really very sad that you cannot accept professional advice based on the work of the overwhelming majority of the world's scientific and medical experts, and the thousands of constantly evolving scientific studies that underpin everything they do, but frankly, if you don't trust nutritional science then you probably think global warming isn't really happening and you probably don't vaccinate your kids, and frankly both of these things put all of us at real risk of harm.

If you think that the paleo diet and other alternative medicine quackery is just a matter of personal choice and does no harm I suggest you read the evidence. And here is just an example of how extreme fad diets like paleo can cause mental harm.

The paleo diet is part fad diet and part alternative medicine. Scientists and health professionals don't believe in the supposed magic of alternative medicine and that's why almost all of them reject the blind faith of the paleo diet.

I've got an idea. Do something productive. Right now. Instead of following the scientifically untested thought bubbles of a celebrity chef find out more about how science and medicine actually works through this easy to understand and instructive animated video.

It makes me very, very sad that people actually believe that the paleo diet (just like the proverbial snake oil) can prevent or cure:

If think you may have any of these conditions please see your doctor immediately and if neccesary ask to be referred to an appropriate specialist or registered health professional. Do not trust anyone who hasn't recieved a medical-based degree from a reputable university and is a properly registered health professional to give you medical advice at any time. Likewise don't trust anyone who isn't a properly registered dietitian to tell you not to eat a normal, healthy diet. You may be eligible to see a dietitian for free.

If you are wondering where Pete Evans got his 'health coach' qualifications you should read this very carefully.

Seriously, you wouldn't trust Ben Cousins to fill in your tax return and you shouldn't trust Pete Evans to give you dietary advice.

You don't need to follow the paleo diet to avoid processed food. In fact if you are worried about your health you shouldn't follow any general advice at all - you should book a consultation with a registered dietitian who will be able to tailor individual advice to your unique condition, circumstances and objectives.

Why follow something that might have suited ancient man when you can get something that has been designed just for you?

If you would like to know who I really am I can tell you this:

  • I am a post-graduate degree qualified Australian professional
  • I've studied enough science to know that the fad 'paleo' diet is ridiculous and deserves to be parodied
  • I have many friends in the medical and scientific community who are sick of this pathetic pseudoscience, some of whom have had to repair the damage this diet can cause
  • I have never worked for the medical or food industry at any time in my life
  • I am not a dietitian or even a nutritionist
  • Our whole family avoids processed and prepackaged foods and very very rarely eat any kind of fast food
  • I don't suffer snake oil salesmen and the fools that follow them
  • Pete Evans blocked me from his facebook page for posting a scientific study and Pete Evans has admitted he routinely blocks nutrition experts from his page.

I'm also a dad of two girls and we're actually all on a modified form of the paleo diet that avoids all processed food but includes grains and dairy.

If you would like to make a complaint or get in touch with me (disclaimer - you won't actually be able to touch me) just click here.

Otherwise, have a great day and don't forget to have a healthy salad sandwich.